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We recently opened Expressions: Eco Salon for All Ethnicities in Little Falls NY. Blase and I are excited with the response from residents, extended communities, and press!

While Blase and I have decades of experience as cosmetologists and we each have had a previous salon, we both have niches that are not main stream. Blase’s expertise is ethnic/cultural services: weaves, locks, extensions and more; my passion is all salon services & treatments as natural, and even organic, as we can get, including colors, perms, relaxers, facials etc.

Some of the products we offer are very revolutionary so require special attention to application details. Even though we have decades of experience, we are still learning as well because the products we offer are so cutting edge they work differently that what we are used to.

We have heard other salons tell their clients that these products do not work…the reality is these products do not work the same as products they are used to working with; there are more steps, still the results are awesome! No burning scalps and hair is healthier!

In our learning curve we have  experienced a snag with color fading; but those wanting natural or more natural color treatments have been willing to try again (at our expense) while we have learned what it takes to ensure staying power of colors and even making them last longer than more chemical colors!

The other exciting coloring options we are working with are PURE MEHINDI HENNA, Indigo and other plant pigments for hair. These have a long lineage in cultural traditions and are more mud pack/ clay consistencies.

With these pigments the longer the pigment is on the hair, the better the color result. Many women LOVE this option! For local women we apply the pigment, wrap their hair and send them home for however many hours they want to “process” (while they do computer work, art work, house work etc) and then they come back for their wash and style. For those who are not local, they relax, read, do computer work (we are wireless!) enjoy tea & snacks or other salon services.

The thing about working with the various types of natural pigments is to know which pigments to use on whom!

  • Are you coloring for fun or covering gray?
  • Are you just starting to turn gray and have never colored before?
  • Have you been using salon/ over the counter permanent colors and have significant gray and regrowth?

All of these particulars must be taken into consideration to place you in the right natural pigment products for YOU.

Regular salons and cosmetologists will not have the understanding of these needs or the various different types of natural pigment lines and offerings to fit you in the right one for you.

They also may not have taken the time to learn what additional steps need to be done with the hybrid permanent natural colors or they may feel the steps are prohibitive and can’t take the extra time, hence they believe the products won’t work at all.

At Expressions, this is our forte, this is our priority, to enable you to achieve what you want as naturally as you want it, some real natural, others maybe less toxic. This is our pledge to you – to be the best wisdom keepers of which natural products and services you want, and place you in what will work for YOU.

With patience and dedication we will achieve this together.

Expressions: For the many ways YOU are

410 Canal Place, Suite 202, Little Falls, NY 13365

Christine: 315.868.7960     Blase 315. 219.2828

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