Shift Happens

Holiday time with families can be elating or despairing and often we hold both in our hearts simultaneously; my prayer for you is that whatever your experience it nourished your personal growth.

Many years ago there was a saying “Sh*t Happens” some of you may remember it. People said it frequently for everything and anything that seemed to at random get in the way, “not be right”, set us back. Then we evolved to “Shift Happens” which originally meant when we shift our perspective our perspective shifts so what seemed a random setback revealed a perfect opportunity or transformation. (recently “shift happens” is coming to mean globalization and or alien revelation)

More and more we are called to “see” beyond the obvious. Illness a time to recreate health and relations, grieving ~ a portal of renewal, stress an opportunity for surrender and allowing…

My daughter preparing to return to her place in the world, received a text to which she asserted “our world is falling apart” when I asked her what had happened she said “you know about the birds falling out of the sky, fish dying by the millions.” I felt so devoid of any wisdom. Mama’s usually can share something to comfort and redirect right? Inaction is a form of action knowing when to use each is vital, and after 2 decades of front line activism, now creator of an eco-salon where the “action” happens via services and sales, my daughter’s eyes made me pause and question my place in The Plan. Is what I am doing daily enough in a world of wiki leaks, occupations, wars, and too much more? Remembering that War is Over if we WANT it… then action is SHIFTING from something to something else and in this hologram I have yet to discover it but realize this… there is a fine line between putting our attention elsewhere and turning away from being the solution….still, we are HERE NOW a most amazing witness time… and a time for action in many ways inside and out.

Drawing strength from all of you and hoping to give strength back
May we always find
Beauty & Blessings in everything