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Faces of Astarte is starting 2012 by joining in a promotional program with Aubrey Organics, our favorite personal care line with forty years of trail blazing and more than 200 products including a full line of hair care encompassing styling aids, skin care, baby, pet and household offerings. Usually found in premium natural food retailers, eco salons and spas knowing quality, efficacy, integrity are crossing lines to offer their clients the Aubrey Experience.

We at Faces of Astarte are excited to join in on Aubrey promotions so you can get their great products at even more reasonable rates, known as a value product, Aubrey Organics commitment is to the consumer offering the highest quality most efficacious products at an affordable price.January 2012 Aubrey Promotion is their Rosa Mosqueta Skin Care line at 20% off!!

Aubrey Hampton: HiStory of Rosa Mosqueta Oil

Aubrey Hampton founder and formulator of Aubrey Organics was the first to use organic rose hips seed oil (Rosa Mosqueta oil) the purest of it’s kind grown in the southern slopes of the high Andres Mts in Chile, in a pollution free environment  in his personal care products some 26 years ago.

Today many companies tout using rose hip seed oil, still Aubrey was the forerunner and single handedly changed the economy of Chile from drug running into the worlds biggest producer of organic rose hip seed oil.

Benefits of Rosa Mosqueta Oil

Aubrey choose to use Rosa Mosqueta oil in his formulations because it is very rich in essential fatty acids (linolleic & linolenic) so important for healthy youthful skin and therefore a powerful anti aging treatment.

Rosa Mosqueta protects and supports skin’s collagen with Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants

Rosa Mosqueta restores skin’s moisture balance and improves texture and elasticity

Due to it’s amazing cell regenerating qualities it is used for severe burn scars, acne scars, surgical scars and various skin conditions.

Topical application is not advised for live acne,though internal supplementation has improved skin conditions. Scars left by acne will benefit from direct application of the oil when acne has become inactive.

Extremely effective at stopping and often reversing skin sun damage from the sun, also helps hyperpigmentation.

Usually applied topically to the skin as an oil it is also taken in capsule form; an awesome combination!!

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