Well Beauties it’s so amazing to see “it unfold”.

“It” not only happens to be a life journey but “me” too so I am calling this time in my experience Me-volution. Sometimes I wonder if I really know me, even when I think I do!

I have been “doing” and creating without really understanding why. It’s as if the thought moves into the deed and while I am “doing” I keep thinking “do I really want this?” Do you have this ever happen to you or is this my personal malady?

It’s not that I am not loving creating and the creation – I do! It’s just so interesting how “things” are turning in ways I would have thought a year ago “not interested” or 2 years ago “crazy” but now is a reality!

I bought and, my great landlord Chris, installed a salon sink in my newly Feng Shui’d shop. Now the Feng Shui part I have always wanted to do – thought it would be the house.

I have read some books and thought of taking classes but when the sink wanted to come into my shop – and that’s how this feels, I definitely did not want to place  it in a wrong location … that’s when I called Betty Ann. She lives in Little Falls and is a professional Feng Shui consultant/designer and YES I am amazed and thrilled with the results!

But this is about THE SINK and the puzzel it is to me! Years ago I had a full service salon but I never saw retuning to it – I enjoy the educational/consulting part of my mission; but there are not many non-toxic natural hair coloring cosmetologists and I was moved to install a sink and provide this much needed service.

Sink is installed! sink included

My first reunion with the shampoo bowl was actually for a wash and style for a mom and grandmom of a groom. My God/dess the stress around “did I do what they expected”, “were they on time”, “am I their crazy experience”  was enough to make me rip the sink out!!

This self beating after services  was one of the reasons, aside from kids hanging from the salon rafters, that i decided to let go my original salon! I carried that stress … and let it go… repeatedly  through out the whole weekend (Sat-Tuesday) Picking it up – dropping it – pick it up – drop it…

I kept wondering do other cosmetologists go through this or is this just my personal negative self talk? When I returned to the shop on Wednesday – there was a small hand written thank you note that helped the bees (they were not butterflies!) in my stomach to sleep.

Here’s to doing and creating and not knowing why! Just because the journey must include a sink?! Onward with Me-volution!

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