February 13th is my Valentine Grand Re-Opening celebrating my new digs! There will be Free Mini Facials using Aubrey Organics Skin Care, 3 min MakeOvers with Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Prizes and Refreshments! I was visioning the food fare with Patricia a most amazing cook/caterer; “No sugar and no meat” I said. Maggie teasingly retorted “I want sugar and I want meat – she thinks it all about her – and it’s not…”

Food by Patricia & Melting Pot Caterer

It’s true, an Open House is about serving others but a healthy dose of Self-love is always in order. I choose food for others that I can share in, because I WILL cheat (“special occasion” ~to hurt myself!). I feel it when I cheat; I am really just cheating myself of the liberation that comes from feeling healthy, energized and vital when I consume positive choices.

We  “know” the dangers of sugar but moving away from it can be as challenging to the average person as quitting alcohol is for an alcoholic. The average American, including children, eats almost 2 lbs of sugar a week!

John Robbins book Healthy at 100, reveals that our children are not outliving us due to their food and lifestyles we as parents have given them.

As a Holistic Beauty Practitioner it is ALL ABOUT YOU, but you could not receive knowledge that is not lived. A favorite story of mine is about a mother who took her child to the guru asking the guru to tell the child to stop eating sugar, since “it’s not good for him” The guru responded, “Come Back in two weeks”; when they returned the guru said “Stop eating so much sugar it’s not good for you” The shocked mother quipped “We had to come back in two weeks for you to tell him this?” to which the Guru smiled and stated “I had to quit first”. There are some mentors who merely tell the knowledge but do not live it.

We can “feel better” ease the emotional pain of living… or we can experience Total Transformation. Kat James’ book The Truth About Beauty has the tricks on how to break the sugar addiction with success – I tried 3 or 4 times always relapsing until I read her book and incorporated her “food upgrades” it has been 4 years now that I am sugar free and free of cravings for it!!!

Counselors mentor us to SURROUND ourselves with people and places that are “good” for us; the same goes for food. Deepak Chopra said to eat “real food” defining it as “having no label”.

There is more than enough scientific research concerning effects of sugar on our body ecology from simple inflammation to severe diseases. As for my not wanting to offer meat – that is more of a personal option and while I have been a vegetarian over 20 years with a “moral” perspective that ending violence begins on my plate, I am aware that ALL life forms, including veges and fungi etc. are consciousness; my main reason for not offering meat is due to cost since grassfed hormone free meats are more costly, plus skipping meat on occassion is ok! I splurge on other very yummy options. By focusing on ME and MY health for MY events – all the foods YOU will consume will be DELICIOUS, DECADENT AND HEALTHY FOR YOU TOO!!

It’s ALL ABOUT ME and it should be ALL ABOUT YOU too!

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