Holiday Beauty ~ Naturally

Mystical Mistletoe

By Christine Shahin

This is a season of parties and giving – no one wants to be a scrooge even in the midst of a recession, which can put us into trouble if we get caught up in appearances.

What can we gift ourselves and others that truly reflect our values of caring for each other, our planet and economy.

This time of year we are inundated with messages of looking fabulous for the parties – and that’s “all good”, as a business owner of an eco-salon this enables me to provide the services and products clients seek in a natural healthy option and supports me to do what I love doing – deep gratitude to you again.

What ever the Holydays we “celebrate” we are reminded to care for our less fortunate, a most important contribution for which we have many more this year than in other times; with our own budgets stretched, we will purchase inexpensive items because “it’s the thought that counts”.

Consider that “inexpensive” can actually cost more in other regards, displacing true product cost and value. Take for example the super frilly packages of smelly cosmetics made from cheap petrochemicals, they contribute to water and air pollution which returns to us in compromised health as well as topical exposure to toxins; often if there isn’t respect for the environment there isn’t respect for fair labor practices and so our poverty mentality is reinforced.

We have entered the Season of Reflection on many levels:

  • Winter Season the time of year of shorter days with longer nights, we are inclined to spend more time in doors; a good time for more internal/introverted probing…what needs change and how to?
  • Big Box Sales Season enticing us to spend – think smaller. I was in a local small business the other day and heard the woman owner say to a shopper – “anything you would like I will discount for you!” The shopper was surprised and the owner responded “It’s the holidays, that’s what it’s about”…
  • This Season of Recession also heeds us to change what is no longer working…
    • Gifting natural non-toxic organic items extends beyond the gift to include benefits to friends, family, community and planet at large.
    • Gift Wellness, give spa/salon services that rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.
    • Gift yourself and community a Local Living Economy, shop local
Somewhere in the world right now is a small business owner staying open later and missing dinner with their family so you can shop for yours. There is a small business owner who let you run a tab at their expense to help you with your expenses. There is a small business owner holding payment for a service rendered. They miss special days with their families so they can help you spend time with yours. There is a small business owner being yelled at for not working harder, giving more or charging less. Everyday they unlock a door that unlocks doors for you. Think of these people this holiday season and always. Chain Stores will not remember your name, birthday or anniversary. They will not care how your children and ailing mother are.

Featured  Herb:

Mistletoe the white flowering herb hanging in the center of doorways encouraging kisses annually actually is respected across cultures and religions for medicinal and spiritual qualities. Mistletoe is an evergreen  parasitic plant that grows on braches of trees.

Christian folklore holds that Mistletoe was once a tree whose wood was used to create the Cross of Christ; ashamed the tree shriveled and changed into a plant that bestows good on all who pass under it.

There are very hopeful and exciting studies currently being conducted on Mistletoe in the area of immune therapy. Mistletoe therapeutic attributes include:

  • Normalize Blood Pressure
  • Normalize Circulation
  • Improve Nervous System & Endocrine System Performance
  • Reduce Chronic Fatigue Symptoms
  • Regulate Metabolism
  • Reduce Menopausal Problems
  • Reduction of Stress

As printed in the Utica Phoenix December 2011




Beautiful You ~ Naturally is a monthly column for the Utica Phoenix focusing on natural beauty options from Garden Concoctions to Salon Industry Products sprinkled with updates on legislation pertaining to personal care  products written by Christine Shahin, Licensed Cosmetologist, owner of Faces of Astarte & collaborator of Expressions Eco Salon for All Ethnicities IN Little Falls NY,