Goddess Beauty


Goddess Beauty LLC is an evolution from Faces of Astarte Wellness Beauty Salon & Spa. Created by Christine Shahin, the goal has been and remains to provide an underserved demographic access to the highest quality natural and organic salon/spa services. This includes simple and healthy personal care practices, and access to products good for chemically sensitive and eco-minded people, as well as those seeking to live in harmony with their personal body ecology and planetary ecology.

Our mission is to not tell you what your beauty should be by holding to an unattainable perspective. Rather, we wish for you to honor the beauty you already are. We wish for you to acknowledge your uniqueness and accept your personal traits. We also wish for you to allow for your personal expression while honoring subtle influences (social and religious).
Men also celebrate and use Goddess Beauty. This is not exclusively a “female thing,” though it is a female energy paradigm. It is good for every Zayna and Zeus!
Our primary focus is helping you to color your hair using pure plant pigments which have been used for thousands of years. People of every age and ethnicity color their hair for numerous reasons. Why choose herbal colorants?

  • Repair hair that is damaged. Cover gray better than chemical colors can.
  • Pure herbal dyes are nontoxic (though anyone can be allergic to anything).
  • Through an application of a paste or “mud,” people find the process relaxing, soothing, and conditioning.
  • These natural materials connect us to ancient traditions while nourishing our hair, our spirit, and the earth.

Goddess Beauty is a philosophical perception of beauty incarnate of the individual to global humanity: interdependent. Our mission, then, is to assist those seeking the Glamour of Gaia to color their hair with natural, organic herbs that also nurture nature.

We at Goddess Beauty LLC are dedicated to empowering the public and the individual, to simple personal-care practices, to classes and simple products that can be easily recreated and shared, to enhance and expand independence through self-knowledge and personal experience, and to co-create a community (come-in-unity) of healthy wellness beauty.
We also incorporate environmental sustainability practices daily, including recycling, composting, energy efficiency, non-toxic cleaning agents, natural products and more. We are also a 100% wind energy facility.

Goddess Beauty LLC
407 Canal Place First Floor
Little Falls, NY 13365