A Door Opened

I know you must be feeling it too…the energy of life is making us pay attention.Whether we are riding the wave or as the twig just able to float on the river’s surface, or perhaps finding ourselves subsurface, our attention is peaked.

It has been only eight months since I moved into the first floor of the Stone Mill; shortly after I arrived I bought a shampoo bowl and hired Betty Ann to Feng Shui the best place for it to be, the result was amazing. A lot of effort went into the move, then to reposition into the Feng Shui design was like another move, still it was SO WORTH IT!

Loved the location and so did clients and friends. I was in the same building as Spa at Stone Mill where I provide Aroma Therapy Acupressure Facial Massages, and Herbal foot soaks. The Florentina Salon down the hall from the Spa was Terry’s, a most wonderfully talented stylist colorist and human being.

After many years Terry came to a place of marching fourth. His heart is so big, none of us wanted to believe that he would go, though we all wanted his happiness. He visited family and upon his return announced his plans to relocate – still we all held our breath thinking that it may have been a mood that would pass, but it wasn’t, he actually moved 3 weeks earlier than projected.

Terry touched people deeply- he gave much and reaped much. Our daily chats were about to come to an end, his smile and walking art works would soon be missed, there would be an empty salon…

Did I have the stamina to move AGAIN? Chris Connolly owner of the first floor and Ole Sal’s Cafe & Creamery worked so hard to install the Euopean shampoo sink! I just got everything perfect. Was the Feng Shui moving me upstairs? The negative self talk went on and on.

It was one of the hardest betwix places to be. My colleague Blase, a Caribbean native, and I had been visioning adding ethnic hair services in my shop launching it during Little Falls annual Garlic & Herb Festival and now the salon was becoming available.

Not wanting to let Terry go, but if he was really leaving, it felt like Providence opened a door that should at least be explored. Terry and I had the heart to heart conversation; Blase & I found ourselves quickly purchasing items Terry was not able to take, then the keys were in our hands. Was I happy? Yes! Was I sad? Yes! The embodiment of what appears to be contradicting emotions is a peak state of awareness.

All I could do was sit with “it”…sit with the reality that my friend was leaving, and in his going, a gift of a dream fulfilled. His presence is in his absence because now, even though it looks very different, I am daily in his space, surrounded by his beautiful plants, and his clients finding me when seeking him.

Left: Florentina Salon Right: Expressions

Deep GRATITUDE to husband Steven Wood who hauled, painted, sawed, hammered, made manifest the vision (Yes we had Betty Ann Feng Shui us again and again it is AMAZING!)

Garlic & Herb Festival Grand Opening of Expressions Eco Salon for All Ethnicities was a full house complete with a ribbon cutting with Mayor, Alderwoman, friends, family and new faces.

David Taylor (Stone Mil) Mayor Peters, Blase, Me, Robin Prinzhorn (CARE) Kim Kelley Alderwoman

As colleague Mary Gressler LMT said “You have to walk through the opened door or you will always wonder”.  Are we the Riding a Wave of self determination (manifesting our dreams) or are we floating twigs in a river whose current is too strong for us to do anything else (a door opened we walked through)? I would like to think the former although it feels much more like the latter; either way there is DEEP GRATITUDE for the wave or the river, for bitter sweet partings and beginnings, for Providence and for the profound expereince of how acutely interconnected everyone and everything is.

Come experience Expressions

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