Faces of Astarte a Natural Beauty Salon & Spa

Our clients seek natural non invasive beauty options for many reasons some of which are they may be chemically sensitive, have cancer or other severe illnesses, are ecologically concerned, seek therapeutic beauty & pleasure healing. My passion for is to ensure personal, ecological and economic health.

Promo PicI have been busy playing in mud pigments the last couple of years putting together an awesome book in collaboration with Storey Publishing.

Natural Hair Coloring: How to Use Henna and Other Pure Herbal Pigments for Chemical-Free Beauty with Forward by the mother of modern day herbalism Rosemary Gladstar, endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup, internationally renown for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness and others.

This offering is based on my years of experience using these pigments here in Faces of Astarte salon featuring my real life clients!

I have also launched a new mail order business

Goddess Beauty LLC

407 Canal Place, Little Falls, NY
Map & Directions

Thursday & Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Third Thursday through 7 pm) Second and Fourth Saturdays 10 til 3


  • Aroma Therapy Facials using Acupressure Face Rejuvenation techniques for collagen building, skin improving, stress reducing facial manipulation
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift Facials
  • Problem Skin Facials that focus on healing and repair of acne

Makeovers using the prestigious Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics: Complementary Color Matching.

Hair Consults

  • Hair Thinning
  • Repair & Scalp Issues
  • Natural Pigment Hair Colors

Spa Parties

  • Birthday
  • Prom
  • Graduation
  • Bridal
  • Blessing Way (Pregnancy)
  • Birthing
  • Retirement
  • Crone
  • Life Celebration (passing)

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